• Persimmon as the basis of Persiskin ©

Persimmon as the basis of Persiskin ©

We are located in the center of persimmon production: Valencian Community

In 2020, the Valencian Community has produced 88.5% of the persimmon harvest from all over Spain.

In the last 6 years, Spain has gone from producing over 300 million kilos of persimmon to almost 500 million kilos, becoming the main exporting country in the world.

The mediterranean in your collection

Our alternative to animal or synthetic leather is vegetable-based, taking advantage of 100% of our crops.

It is estimated that more than 50% of the persimmon crop was wasted each season. We speak in the past because now there is Persiskin.

Our environmental footprint is very small because we work with local harvest

We have managed to create a new textile that can be produced commercially, providing a positive social and economic impact.

"Synthetic leather and animal leather are unsustainable"

Jaime Sanfelix, CEO



Persiskin addresses these problems by creating a sustainable textile of natural origin. An alternative without the sacrifice of animals or harmful chemicals.

Zero Waste

Persiskin is created from the surpluses of the existing persimmon crop, so no additional environmental resources are required for its production.

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